We are giving away 10,000 USD and special in-game title to the Global Grand Final Winner.
Also, the winner’s costume design will be recreated in the game!

Region: Thailand
Character Class: Berserker


Vote Percentage : 16.7%

North America

Vote Percentage : 15.5%


Vote Percentage : 13.6%


Vote Percentage : 12.5%

Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao

Vote Percentage : 10.4%


Vote Percentage : 9.4%


Vote Percentage : 8.6%

Southeast Asia

Vote Percentage : 7.5%

South America

Vote Percentage : 3.8%


Vote Percentage : 1.9%

Please Note

  • You can only vote once per Google Account.
  • You can only vote once per IP.
  • You cannot cancel your vote. Please decide your vote carefully.
  • Please note that the votes are not displayed to prevent vote manipulation.
  • Your vote will not count if you use an invalid method to participate in the event.
  • You will be excluded from the contest if you participate using work that is not your own. Please be advised that such action can lead to civil and criminal liability.
  • Announcement of the Global Grand Winner and prizes will be posted separately on the official homepage for each region.
  • Event prizes are not cumulative. The final global contest winner will receive the highest cash prize only (not including the lower prizes).
  • If you have further questions about the event, please submit a ticket through [Support > Customer Support].
  • Please refer to the ‘Black Desert Event Rules’ for details not posted on this page.