10 Years of Black Desert

10 Years of Black Desert

Adventures in Black Desert Always Begin with Adventurers.
06:00, December 17, 2014. Our adventure began in the small town of Olvia with just 4 classes. We ventured from Valencia to O'dyllita, and reached the Land of the Morning Light.

Our story continues because you are with us, Adventurer, and it will continue on, thanks to you.

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10 Years of Black Desert

10 Years of Black Desert Video

The journey of Black Desert began with adventurers.
And our story is ongoing even at this very moment.

My 10 Years of Black Desert

Check out the records of your adventures.


Our adventure began
from humble beginnings,

across peaceful fields, rivers,
seashores, and cities.

From the exotic lands of Mediah,

past deep valleys and vast deserts
to the riches of Valencia.

We sailed on large ships
over the endless Great Ocean,

through the forests of Kamasylvia
where the spirits sang.

We traveled to Drieghan, the land of Dragons...

And our journey didn't stop there.

O'dyllita, bastion of the exiled,
and the Mountain of Eternal Winter,
ever buried in frost.

The new land across the sea, Land of the Morning Light, and then onto Ulukita.

Adventures made together, our story.

We journeyed together
over the past 10 years

We faced new adventures, created unique memories,
and persevered together.

We achieved great feats together
and created history to be celebrated for years.

Some met as adventurers,
became friends, partners, and even got married.

Adventures in the game became stories
and memories we cherish together.

We faced new adventures, created unique memories,
and persevered together.

We achieved great feats together
and created history to be celebrated for years.

Some met as adventurers,
became friends, partners, and even got married.

Adventures in the game became stories
and memories we cherish together.

Based on the true stories of Adventurers, some parts have been adapted for better understanding.
  • The most memorable adventure for me in Black Desert was the Secret Quest of 2020.

    It was a wild ride, requiring guildies and me to tackle a series of quirky and challenging tasks, from fishing hidden items out of the sea and horse racing to navigating tricky platforms.

    The highlight was taking an Old Moon Sky Balloon from Calpheon to Kamasylvia's Valtarra. After several days and over a hundred attempts, flying proved challenging, but helping guild members succeed and capturing stunning photos made it worthwhile.

    Also, it was heartwarming to see adventurers worldwide, across servers and languages, unite and enjoy the quest. I dream of a world where everyone collaborates towards shared goals in harmony.
    TW · 萌大大
  • There was a time when a friend passed away, I was in a car accident, and I broke up with my first love after a long relationship. I had no energy and locked myself in my room, not going out.

    At that time, a dear friend reached out, refusing to let me wallow in despair, and invited me to join them in monster hunting in Black Desert.

    During one of our hunts, I obtained a ring, a treasure that marked my first significant find within the game. Tears streamed down my face as I held it, a mix of joy for the discovery and the weight of my sadness. That ring remains in my inventory to this day, a poignant reminder of the journey I've been on.

    Black Desert has been more than a game to me. It accompanied me as I graduated from school and enter the wider world.
    TW · 繾綣
  • A few years ago, I met my wife while playing Black Desert! We officially got married on October 1, 2022, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has given us happy memories.

    I wanted to share happy news, not complaints, and I hope this feeling reaches far and wide, across all corners and communities!
    TR & MENA · Glorethen
  • Together with my wife, we embarked on this gaming journey, hand in hand from the very beginning.

    One day, we decided to face the sea to complete a quest. We embraced the adventure wholeheartedly and bought a canoe. (Yes, that small boat.)

    Despite the daunting waves that threatened our resolve, our perseverance saw us through to an unnamed island, where we completed the quest.

    We felt a tremendous sense of achievement that fuels our continued journey through the game.
    SA · JhonGi
  • Reflecting on six years of gameplay, the adventures shared with my wife stand out as the most precious. Intriguingly, she seems to outshine me, owning far more within the game.

    Is it a stroke of bad luck on my part, or is she simply the superior gamer?
    SA · NostravamusPA, SapphireDax
  • My journey into the realm of PC gaming began with Black Desert, where I was fortunate enough to meet a guide who unveiled the game's sprawling wonders.

    Together, we bred four Mythical Dream Horses, succeeded in enhancements, and reveled in discoveries that words can hardly capture.

    Unfortunately, they had to leave the game for a while. Even though I met many other friends during the year that person was gone, I missed traveling on horses with them, taking a boat from Velia to Calpheon, and playing pranks in Arsha so much that it was very hard for me.

    But just before the New Year, a truly thrilling and touching miracle happened. They came back!

    The moment we reunited in Black Desert, I felt an ecstasy comparable to succeeding in enhancing a PEN Blackstar with 0 stacks. Now, it's my turn to be the guide, explaining the new updates and features.
    BR/>J0HN, you are the coolest Ninja and the kindest person. I love you so much, and let's continue our great adventure in Black Desert in the New Year!
    RU · Aely
  • I was about 15 when Shai made her debut in Black Desert, marking my entry into a game that would redefine my world.

    At that time, I was really depressed and lacked the will to live, but I found a community in Black Desert that lifted me from the depths, giving me the strength to face life anew.

    And now, a precious new life will soon be born!

    Immense gratitude to Black Desert and my partner for making all this possible, and now I am creating a guild to help new adventurers.

    To Black Desert, my heartfelt thanks for being my lifeline. ❤
    NAEU · Story of an Adventurer
  • My favorite memory is about how we went through the wedding ceremony with my wife in the church in Heidel.

    The reason is that we got married in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we take our in-game friends and got married right in the Heidel church. I even drew invitation cards and sent them to my gaming friends.

    Now we are happy with my wife for more than year, play Black Desert together and getting buffs in the Heidel church with a special warm in our hearts.
    NAEU · Yellowtail
  • "Need a steed? I can lend you one."

    "Finding your way through that quest can be difficult at first. Tell me where it is, and I can give you a ride."

    "There are really beautiful islands in Black Desert. How about we explore them together for those who don't have the island knowledge?"

    These were the encouraging words from my guildmates when I was a newcomer. Their kindness has stayed with me, a beacon of gratitude in my journey.

    Thanks to their support, I adapted well, trying out making game videos, taking screenshots together in stunning outfits, and savoring the game from every angle.

    Black Desert taught me the beauty of extending a helping hand. I want to give back the goodwill I've received. This game has captured my heart, and I look forward to many more adventures together. A heartfelt thanks to you all.
    KR · Story of an Adventurer
  • I was living quite contentedly settled down in Valencia, until something shook me to my very core.

    It was around the time of the Kamasylvia update, precisely, when Grána was unveiled. An incredible four-story residence, Grána 4! Yes, it was incredible. The real challenge began: how to move from Valencia to Grána?

    Back then, there was no easy access to storage through the Magnus, let alone a Central Market Warehouse, and transport hadn't been revamped either. My furniture collection had grown considerably while living in Valencia, and the distance to Grána was significantly more than when comparing moving from Velia to Valencia.

    To move or not to move? I agonized over the decision, but I couldn't resist the allure of its four stories, and ultimately decided to move from Valencia to Grána.

    I positioned characters in each city and sent them from Ancado to Altinova once. Then, from Altinova to Epheria, and from Epheria to Grána, completing the move from Valencia to Grána over several weeks. It seemed endless and was utterly exhausting, but perhaps it's these experiences that have remained as unforgettable memories.

    When I first moved in, Grána 4 seemed massively spacious. But, as time passed, even this house started to feel cramped... haha!

    Sometimes I'd roam around looking to procure furniture, other times I'd splurge all my wealth on furnishings, I'd spend time with guild members at my residence, and participate in housewarming events, I've accumulated a myriad of precious memories.

    I believe one of the main reasons I've been playing Black Desert for so long might just be because of my house.

    I hope it continues to be a game that we can share for a long time. Keep it up, Black Desert!
    KR · 버터팬더
  • On my first day in Black Desert, I learned of something called Amity.

    Thinking something good will come from befriending NPCs, I went around and talked to all of them in Olvia.

    Well, I didn't know about the Energy system yet, so I had no idea why I suddenly couldn't talk to them, and thought I'd done something wrong. I was so worried.
    JP · LQan
  • When I was new to Black Desert, there was an event in Grándiha to meet the GMs.

    I heard they had wings, so I decided to participate in the event.

    However, I had only reached Heidel at the time and the rest of the world map was covered in fog. I went anyway and soon reached Calpheon.

    I pressed down the urge to roam the streets of the city and pressed on. I went past Behr and Trent, and then finally found the right way and reached the Lemoria Guard Post and Atanis Pond.

    I was just thinking the trip was going to be a breeze when suddenly a snake ambushed and bit me!

    Now I can't help myself to defeat every snake I see. ( 'ω')
    JP · yukimi
  • When I first logged on and saw a cow in Olvia, I decided to move into Black Desert!

    The graphics were so good, the cows looked like real cows!

    Even to this day, when I see cows in places like Duvencrune, it brings me back to my early days of playing.
    JP · 粘土ブロック
  • Something unique, have very fond memories of people teaming up and getting really into GM events.

    We had to figure out and share with each other information how to best get the special titles, such as maximizing cow milking potential, finding a quest that had you pushing the cart for cart race practice, and so on.

    Their help ended up causing me to earn every beta GM event title, and my picture of the firework show finale being shared by the BDO console team. From day 1 before the official game was even released, was diving into all the community interactions the GMs put on and building friendships while doing so.
    NAEU · Radium
  • I once embarked on a journey to kill Karanda the world boss. I found that after the fight ended I was left on Karanda mountain with my friend with a full moon.

    I remember it so vividly, the stillness of the moment, the blissful serendipity that came from realizing I've found something more than just pixels.

    An experience, an adventure I never thought I would find in any game.
    NAEU · Olum
  • I've been drawing memorable moments I've had over the past 6 years playing Black Desert.

    My main Ranger and toon Shai, the 3 Mystical Horses, hedgehogs, moles, etc. I drew everything I love.

    I prefer to enjoy quests and PvE content over PvP, so Black Desert has so much of what I enjoy.

    And, I'm showing off a little here, I met someone in Black Desert and have been dating for 3 years. It's been so much fun adventuring in Black Desert. Thank you so much!
    Asia · หญิงโชค

As we cherish the moments from our adventures,
know that we will always be by your side for the dazzling journey ahead.

Our Memories

10 Years, a Theater of Memories

Our story continues
because you are with us, Adventurer.

10 Years of Black Desert | Pearl Abyss
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